Euphrasie Fauchelevant, known as Cosette, is a character in the 1862 novel Les
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Katie Hall in the 25th Anniversary Concert.

by Victor Hugo and the 1985 stage adaption of the novel. She is the daughter of Fantine and Félix Tholomyès, adopted by Jean Valjean and wife of Marius Pontmercy.She lived with the Thénardiers in Montfermeil for eight years before Valjean adopted her and took her to Paris. She falls in love with Marius and eventually marries him. Only at Valjean’s death does she learn of her mother’s fate.

Notable PortrayalsEdit

  • Rebecca Caine in the original 1985 London adaption
  • Judy Kuhn in the 1985 Broadway stage adaption and the 1995 10th Anniversary Dream Cast Concert
  • Ali Ewoldt in the 2006 Broadway revival
  • Katie Hall in the 2010 25th Anniversary Concert
  • Jenny Latimer in the current 25th anniversary US tour
  • Amanda Seyfried in the 2012 film adaptation

Featured SongsEdit